"When I signed to become a debutante for the ball I did not expect such a level of organization and professionalism. Every little detail was thought through. And whatever problems arose they were solved beautifully. First we received 4 dance lessons from a professional dance teacher. Then we were helped to purchase our ballroom dresses that fit perfectly and were incredibly cheap (cheaper than to rent in Switzerland). On the day of the ball We got our hair and make-up done. And to top it all - incredible photos were taken. I never had such beautiful photos before! Needless to say that the show and dinner were incredible too. Perfect memory!"



"La soirée était magnifique! Hover Production m'avait appris en quelques jours des dances qu'il fallait faire pendant le bal de débutants et finalement tout est bien passé avec énorme plaisir!"



"It was my first time participating in an event like this, even though I had always wanted to do that, I never had an opportunity before. I must say it has exceeded my expectations, it was a magical evening that made me feel like a princess for one night, beautiful and shiny, the center of attention. That was an evening I won't forget and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it!"



"I would have never thought that dancing will be such an amazing experience! In no time I have learned the basics of a Waltz thanks to professional teacher in Zurich. I really recommend the debutante ball not only for dancers, but also viewers - it was like waking up in a Disney’s castle :)"

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