Sponsors and Partners

Special gratitude to all of our sponsors and partners of the event!

Beau Rivage Palace Hotel for their hospitality, perfected services and amazing location for our Championship and Ball in Sandoz Ballroom!

Steps Dance School in Lausanne owned and led by Daniel Juvet and Zuzana Sykorova - 3 times Swiss Champions and top 20 best Latin couples of the world for their help and support in preparation of our debutantes and their students for participation in the Ball!

Natkina Jewelry House from Montreux for sponsored champagne cocktail party and  creation of beautiful atmosphere with its shimmering pieces of Jewelry Art. 

Mottra Caviar for its astonishing quality black caviar and the degustation for our guests and participants during the champagne party and prize provision for the winners of the Championships. 


Fryday Afterwork Lausanne - for constant support of our events and their coverage on Fryday Events every second Friday. 

Move On Project led by Anastasia&Daric Lion and Anastasia Lion Photography - being Swiss Discofox Champions Anastasia&Daric promote West Coast Swing and Discofox with their project. Anastasia is also happened to be a talented photographer with huge experience in dance competitions and events photography. 

Laboratorio Arts Contemporains - a non-profit organization that invests in the accompaniment, production, publishing and distribution of all forms of artistic expression.


Eyes Magazine Geneva


Swiss Health Magazine 

Expat Magazine


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