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Steps Dance School in Lausanne owned and led by Daniel Juvet and Zuzana Sykorova - 3 times Swiss Champions and top 20 best Latin couples of the world. Provides dancing lessons for Ballroom and Latin for all ages and all levels, including Pro-Am!

Mottra Caviar was established in 2002, as a Russian and Latvian joint venture. It utilises a closed-recirculating system of its own design, making the process of growing fish and processing it: ecological, sustainable, fish and environmentally. 


Fryday Afterwork Lausanne - a part of international network of professionals with 200k+ members

Move On Project led by Anastasia&Daric Lion and Anastasia Lion Photography - being Swiss Discofox Champions Anastasia&Daric promote West Coast Swing and Discofox with their project. Anastasia is also happened to be a talented photographer with huge experience in dance competitions and events photography. 

Laboratorio Arts Contemporains - a non-profit organization that invests in the accompaniment, production, publishing and distribution of all forms of artistic expression.

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