Pro-Am Dancing

Pro-Am dancing is one of the most successful trends and directions in the area of Ballroom Dancing. The main condition is that one of the members of the couple is a PRO (professional) dancer and another is AM (amateur). Pro+Am = ProAM.

When started to become popular in United States the development of Pro-Am dancing was supported by TV show "Dancing with the Stars" (or "Strictly Come Dancing"), which later on was franchised to more than 30 countries all over the world and is still broadcasted on many TV channels in prime time.

Nowadays the classic Ballroom Dancing community cannot be imagined without Pro-Am couples. Number of championships and tournaments that are organized for them is increasing year on year and the geographical coverage is expanding to new countries every day. Pro-Am dancing is spread through US, UK, China, Korea, Russia, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia and many other countries.

Today we are bringing to Lausanne not only professional dancers and competition, but also opening a new page of Swiss Ballroom Dancing for Pro-Am couples, giving them our experience, expertise and support in organizing dancing practices and competitions.

Pro-Am couple from Russia - Natalia Chizhova and Oleg Kharlamov

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