Beginning from early 19th century in England young ladies started to be taken to the balls in order to be brought out – The First Ball meant that lady has become the part of the adult society. A young lady from aristocratic family who first came to the ball was called débutante (French). The first debutant ball was Queen Charlotte’s Ball in 1780, organized by King George III in honour of his wife’s birthday and it’s still held annually.

Nowadays debutant balls exist in different countries, some of the most well known are in Paris, in Vienna, in Moscow, but none of them exist in Switzerland, which is famous for its private boarding schools and higher education institutions, where the future world leaders are grown up.

The participation in the debutant ball gives not only a lot of memories for participants but also teaches a lot of new skills and knowledge, provides opportunities for the future. Today we would like to make our debutants not just introduced to the adult world, but also help them start their career or personal projects on the earlier stages of their lives.

The debutantes are provide with group and private lessons by our teachers making sure everyone has taken enough lessons to learn the minimum numbers of dances for the ball (polonaise, Viennese waltz, slow waltz, basic tango, social foxtrot, cha-cha-cha and rumba). 


We are helping to choose your ballroom gowns in accordance with strict requirements for the design, color and style.

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